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GC Sharma, new delhi 

" Mr Gopikrishna I met you in Delhi exhibition along with predictions sent me a lucky chart iam satisfied. My friend Hariprakash is also showing interest in Numerology "

Dr. Hemsing Bhargav, Gajiyabad, UP
Sr officer UGC NEW DELHI 

" Explained excellent predictions "


Dr. Venigalla Rambabu,
Cine. Lyrics Writer Lecturer, Hyderabad

" MGK as a Numerologist not only explains only Lucky Life but also explains how to increase self confidence and able to stop many suicide cases with his Wonderful science "

R S Nambi, Chennai

" About MGK Book "


Chokkapu Venkataramaa, Magic chaplin, Personality Development Mentor,

" Numerologist gopikrishna took numerology as personality development and psychology point of view. He did a nonstop 12hrs  prediction for 400 visitors for world record in 2000 millennium in Hyderabad PS Telugu University without a pen & paper for calculations and without any single break "

Lajpath Rai Kane, Pubjab Extention, New Delhi

" I was very much impressed by MGK. The Predictions Numerical Method all are true. I Wish your Greate Success in Life "

Monisha Kriplani business Woman, Delhi

" Very good and also quite accurate "

Devinder, Bajaj proprietress  Industry

" Absolutely marvellous and accurate hall look forward second consultation "

Vineela, Employee
CivicCentre Coaching Academy 

" He suggested better life path in career as per my destiny in current working organisation "

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