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World Record Numerologist
for Middle Class People

MGK Numerology
A Numerology with Different Dimension

Mudigonda Gopikrishna
 "World Record Holder" 
Genius Book of International London


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Lucky Baby Names


Education Numerology

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Business Numerology


Marriage Numerology

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Lucky Stones


Abroad Chances

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Name Correction

MGK Numerology says Newborn baby names calculation is very important as it is a foundation for their entire future. While naming babies MGK Calculates in multi Dimensional combination of Astro, Numero and prosperity of Children's future.



'Founder Chairman'
 MGK Numerology Research Foundation
Director MGK Numerology Consultation

Esteemed Member of INF
(International Numerology Forum)

Teaching Head MGK Numerology Training Institute

MGK (Mudigonda GopiKrishna) Hails from Capital city of Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Established Numerology Foundation in 1995.

He follows chaldian system of numerology. Did lot of research practically large number of people to get accurate results.

He participated mistic India exhibition in New Delhi in 1996, predicted 2000 people using Chaldean system taking names without birth details and stood number no. numerologist among 18 states participated.

In 2000 millennium year perform 12 hours non-stop predictions from morning to evening without food, without water not even pen paper nearly 400 clients with accuracy. this Hercules task was published in National Daily Hindu

In 2001 MGK Foundation conducted a meeting called Astro numerologist challenge to scientist on the subject validity of Astrology & Numerology later the non-believers went High Court and counter challenged. The high court dismissed there case they even approached supreme court they also they failed.

In 2005 in honorable supreme court of India declared Astrology is a "VEDIC SCIENCE" 

In 2002 MGK Conducted a grand national seminar of astrologers on the banner "ASTRO MIRACLE 2002" nearly 7 states from various parts of the country participated with full data and research projects.

Numerology Classes: with the Aim of wonderful knowledge of numerology to distribute upcoming astrologers and numerology lovers he started Certificate training classes both Basic Foundation Course & Advanced Course. In a decade of time, he can able to train 2000 students successfully.

Free Camps: MGK as conducted many free camps for needy & poor people believing service to human to service to god.

VIP Clients: His VIP clients are Ex Prime Minister & also a retired CBI Officer, A world bank consultant. Some clients belong to US, UK, Australia, Dubai, Kuwait


Bharath Bhushan Award

“by Vishwa Hindu Parishad Kolkata"

Diamond Star

"Awarded for 12 hours non-stop prediction in PSV university Hyderabad"

Karma Yogi

“by ORA-(Oridental Research Academy of Occult Astrological Research Project) Bombay”

Numerology Online Classes

MGK Started since a decade numerology offline classes & trained nearly 2000 students among them some gentlemen practicing successfully & professionally. Some house wives they took it as self employment and started earning.

After Covid time MGK Started Online Classes convenient to all Indian Citizens and Numerology Aspirants in various countries.

Course details
Duration: 1 Month (Weekends Saturday & Sunday)
Timings: 09:00 PM to 10:30 IST
Course Material: Very brief notes with a book and Certificate

For further details who wish to learn numerology may Contact/Whatsapp on 8885553663 

He is a authorized a book Indian Numerology in telugu language 

To join for Numerology Classes click on below button

Welcome to World’s No.1 Numerologist
Mudigonda Gopi Krishna!!

MGK Numerology Research Foundation Hyderabad, India  Estd 1995 Serving people more than 2 decades.

MGK is a World renowned numerologist of India. Dedicating complete services to the people, his clients  belongs to various countries like US, UK, SINGAPORE, AUSTRIALIA , DUABI , GERMANY and other parts of the world.

  • Founder Director MGK Research Foundation

  • Founder Chairman MGK  Charitable Trust

  • Principal : Certification on Numerology Training Course

  • Founder  Chairman SHARP ( Scientific Hindu Astrology Research Project )

  • Inaugurated  by Mr. Bhudev Sharma, Hon’ ble Ex. Vice-Chancellor of Hindu University of America. 

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MGK Numerology Foundation

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World Record Hindu
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Numerology Classes
Numerology Classes
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